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Oratory in pieces: the Fragments of Republican Roman Speech Università degli Studi di Torino, April 15th – 17th 2015

Oratory was a key aspect of politics and public life in Republican Rome in both theory and practice. Yet our understanding of its workings is dominated by Cicero. This colloquium, part of the European Research Council-funded project 'The Fragments of Republican Roman Oratory' based at the University of Glasgow (, seeks to engage with the oratory of the Roman Republic as practiced by speakers other than Cicero, with a particular focus on the surviving fragments of non-Ciceronian oratory. Colloquium themes include: the language and style of orators other than Cicero; the contribution of oratorical fragments and testimonia to a history of Republican oratory and rhetoric; the relationship between oratory and other genres; the nature of oratorical fragments; oratorical fragments and the law; and the reception history of non-Ciceronian oratory of the Roman Republic from the triumviral period onwards.

Keynote speakers are Hans Beck, Alberto Cavarzere and Anthony Corbeill

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A further planned research meeting under the auspices of FRRO will take place in Glasgow (April/May 2016).



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